Love Rescue Me

I always loved the last few lines of this song.

I’ve conquered my past
The future is here at last
I stand at the entrance to a new world I can see.
The ruins to the right of me
Will soon have lost sight of me.
Love, rescue me.

Bono / Bob Dylan

This song has kind of a funny story. Bono woke up with the song in his mind as a dream and thought it was a Bob Dylan song. He literally drove to Bob Dylan’s house (which happened to be nearby) and asked him if it was his. Bob said no, but helped Bono finish the song. I mean, to have friends like that! 🀩

Also, I find this song pretty relatable. Bono says, “It’s about a man people keep turning to as a savior but his own life is getting messed up and he could use a bit of salvation himself.” That hits a little too close to home. πŸ€”