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Unofficial Sandwiches

I love the idea and name of this project.

Apple demonstrated how to build an app with SwiftUI by doing a detailed walk-through a Sandwiches app.

👉 Introduction to SwiftUI

But they didn’t give you the code! I guess that’s because they want you to write it yourself. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Still, here is a working unofficial version of the Sandwiches app developed to help you along.

👉 GitHub: Unofficial Sandwiches

Via iOS Dev Weekly.

Software Dev

Fun Xcode Search Tip

Here’s a great tip for anyone using Xcode: when you’re going through a list of search results, you can just delete the items you’re not interesting in. 🤯 It’s so weirdly simple and obvious but surprising.

Via iOS Dev Weekly.


“Sometimes it’s their looks, but it’s never just that.”

I recently rediscovered a dazzling post from one of my previous favorite writers on Medium, who has taken lately to more of a “We’re screwed” vibe. 🤷🏻‍♂️

👉What Really Makes Someone Beautiful

Despite the title, this is not just one of those “beauty is only skin deep” platitudes.

Aren’t we drawn to people with hidden depth and curiosity? People who show who they really are. People who are strong, funny, creative, and kind. People who see beauty in the weirdness and in the darkness. People who are not innocent, even if they appear innocent.

Beauty can be found in the balance of all these things.