Do you ever come across interesting things about your town or thought-provoking quotes but don’t have a good place to save them? I mean, browser bookmarks get messy fast.

That’s where this site comes in. This site is my bookmarks + notebook + database, all wrapped up in one. It sounds complicated, but it’s really not. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Unlike browser bookmarks, this site doesn’t get cluttered as you add more. It actually gets better the more stuff I throw into it.

For example, here you can find my ever-growing European swimming pool tour. Or amazing swimming pools in Australia or swimming holes in Texas. Discover unique destinations all over Europe or cool things back here in Texas.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re a techie like me, you can find posts on the opinionated world of software architecture or the beguiling field of computer animation.

There are even plenty of posts about you (or at least all of us). Speaking of people, don’t forget relationship advice from some smart people.

Thinking of my next post.

Since I started posting to this site, I also found the benefit of writing — sometimes — about what I’m reading. It turns out that writing is good for you. Writing makes the reading more active and helps me remember the content better later. So now reading is more work but also more fun and more productive.

Sometimes I see something I like so much that I add my own thoughts. It’s fun to expose things we don’t want to know about 🤯 or lay out my own oddball musical theories.

I’m also learning about showing your work when you get going on something creative.

This site is ad-free so that I can do exactly what I want and never stress about making money off of it.

This site is really made for an audience of one: me. Hopefully you find it useful too. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Thanks to WordPress.com for making this all shockingly easy. 🙏


Patrick McGonigle