I created this site as:

  • my own personal alternative to Twitter
  • a permanent backup of my Instagram photos
  • an alternative to browser bookmarks

This site gives me a place to save off internet stuff in a way that I can find it later in a more useful way. Unlike browser bookmarks, this site doesn’t get cluttered. It actually gets better the more I throw into it.

Update: See The 50/50 Rule and Why I Blog

For example, the next time I want an easy weekend trip, I can browse at all the stuff I’ve saved about San Antonio. I can find all the career and relationship advice I’ve saved over the years. And I have a place to file away articles I’d like to read (if only to make myself feel better about not reading them right now). Sometimes I even add my own notes. I can also search for articles I’ve saved about writing apps that work well offline. Plus it’s a place to save interesting quotes as I come across them.

Since I started posting to this site, I also found the benefit of writing — at least a little bit — about what I’m reading. It makes the reading more active and helps me remember the content better later. So now reading is more work but also more fun and more productive. It’s fun to expose some things we don’t want to know about and lay out my own crazy musical theories.

This site is really made for an audience of one: me. πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’Ό But hopefully you find it useful too!

πŸ‘‰ This site is 100% ad-free and not for profit. This way, I can do exactly what I want with the site, make it useful for myself, and never stress about getting or maintaining subscribers.

Appreciations to WordPress and IFTTT for making this all so easy at a very affordable price.


Patrick McGonigle