Favorite Spots For Remote Work in Austin

Even if you have a top-notch home office, sometimes it helps to get out and clear your head.

I get some of my best work done at Cosmic (in good wether) or Barley Bean (in most weather). Do512 did their own polling and came up with the best places to work all around Austin.

👉 Our Favorite Spots For Remote Work

I’m bookmarking this list in case I find myself somewhere besides South Austin (gasp!), looking for a place to pull out my laptop and knock out some writing or code.

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The sisters behind some of Austin’s best tacos

For a while, I thought Veracruz All Natural was basically just the taco truck at Radio. But they’re all over town. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Here’s the story behind the immigrant sisters who founded Veracruz All Natural.

Key facts: they’re actually from Veracruz, Mexico and came to the US illegally 22 years ago. They contributed a lot to the Austin taco scene by not changing what they knew growing up in Mexico. They started in 2006 with $6,000. A 2009 mention in the Austin Chronicle gave them a good early the boost.

👉 I’m more of a Pueblo Viejo guy because there’s one that is walking distance from my house. But Veracruz is great too, and I love the story.


Places to play around Austin

Here’s a great post from do512 on places to go in and around Austin to play like a kid. Take the kids or be a kid for a while.

👉 Where To Be A Kid Again In Austin

This post has it all: mini golf, pickleball, disc golf, go-karting, arcade games, bowling, water parks, darts, karaoke, roller skating, rock climbing, laser tag, art, even snakes and alligators.

Cheat Sheet

Dreamland | Austin’s | Typhoon Texas | Peter Pan Mini Golf | Punch Bowl Social | Austin Panic Room | Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo | Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In | Toy Joy | Austin Bouldering Project | Austin Roller Rink | Pinballz Arcade | Blazer Tag | Upstairs Circus |


Real Rail for Austin!

During the presidential election last month, I was surprised to see that there was also a local transit plan called Project Connect on the ballot. I kind of assumed it would fail since there was a pandemic on, traffic was way down, and people were avoiding crowded spaces. 🤷🏻‍♂️

So the headline on the latest edition of Community Impact shocked me.

Historic public transportation expansion on its way to Austin

And it passed by a hefty margin. 💪🏻

I was farther stunned to see that this is not some BS 💩 rail system built on existing freight rail lines (wtf?) but a real urban rail system actually running through the heart of the city where people can truly ditch their cars forever and hop on the train. This line runs right down South Congress, where I can walk to it to get to downtown, UT, or the airport entirely car-free. 🎊

This project can help make the city more human-oriented, more convenient, reduce the need for all that ugly asphalt, take some pressure off those gridlocked streets, and help the planet. For about $25/month I’m soooo in.

Maybe one day Austin will look a little bit like Lisbon. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Favorite Austin Hotel Pools

There’s just something about a hotel pool. 🤩 Here are some wet and sunny spots to enjoy around Austin. This picture is of the Austin Motel pool, but many more are listed in the post.



Just an Austin photo that I really like!

Where actually is Antone’s these days? 😆


The Story Behind the Lucy’s Friend Chicken Sign

Kind of a funny story about the Lucy’s Fried Chicken neon sign. 😂

You should have seen my grandmother—she was really something.

This is part of a series from Austin Monthly on Austin’s most famous neon signs.


Local and Online During the Shutdown

Yeah, the Hideout Theater and basically everywhere else is closed right now. Looking for something new to do with your Saturday night besides watch Tiger King 🙄?

Maybe try the Parallelogramophonograph virtual improv show. It live. It’s spontaneous. It’s real. It’s not Tiger King.


And unlike normal Hideout Theater shows, you don’t have to find parking downtown. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Another local options Ground Floor Theater’s “Covid Canon” online series of live play readings. 👉 KUT Story