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I like this quote about pointers. I definitely remember struggling with the idea back in college.

For some reason most people seem to be born without the part of the brain that understands pointers.

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It’s weird because the idea is pretty simple. I guess it’s just that there’s nothing like pointers in the real world, so it’s not an intuitive idea. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Software Dev

Swift CI and Source Compatibility

Great idea: the Swift programming language has a continuous integration system constantly building various versions of Swift against various Mac and Linux platforms. Now that’s good modern software process, and super cool that its publicly visible.

Even better, this continuous integration is continually building third-party projects using the latest versions of Swift to make sure everything is a-okay. This is the Swift Source Compatibility Suite.

And best of all, that page has instructions for adding your own project to the list. That way you can make sure Swift and your project continue to get along fine. πŸ€— That’s a win-win.

Via iOS Dev Weekly.