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Roadmap to Alpha Centauri

With the Voyager space sailing beyond out solar system, this article looks at some ways we could send people to Alpha Centauri.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Roadmap to Alpha Centauri

This article is a complete mindmelt ๐Ÿคฏ: ion drives, solar sails, nuclear rockets,  foraging for dark matter.

I don’t really understand this stuff, but I do like the idea that people could potentially fly around the universe and find a new home. Especially considering the black holes out there.

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Yaaas! GarageBand turns 15

I can’t even describe how amazing Garageband is. It’s lets you record almost anything. And it sounds good! And it’s free! And easy to use! And it has basically all the guitar amps and pedals in the world. And real professional musicians use it to record real music. And it works on the iPhone and iPad.

I just recored a punk-inspired version of Bruce Springsteen’s No Surrender with it. I sang (yikes!) and played two guitar tracks, Drums were compliments of Garageband. It took like half an hour. I mean, what the hell?!?!

Here is Steve Jobs introducing GarageBand in 2004. “Garageband is a major new pro music tool. But it’s for everyone.”


And here’s an interesting list of milestones for Garageband.

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Does It Actually Matter Where You Go To College?

๐Ÿ‘‰ Does It Actually Matter Where You Go to College?

I was curious about this article because, when hiring for my kind of job at least, a fancy college doesn’t make any real difference for a candidate. It just matters how competent you are at the skill. And many of the smartest people I have ever known went to “middle tier” public schools.

This article says that public and community colleges tend to lift people up financially more than fancy colleges.

The colleges that most excel in promoting social mobility… aren’t the Ivies โ€” they are excellent, open-access public institutions and community colleges with large numbers of working-class students, like the City University of New York.

And fancy schools don’t make you happier or more fulfilled.

For a broader view, a 2014 survey of tens of thousands of graduates by Gallup found that college selectivity correlated not at all with later satisfaction in work or fulfillment in life