Shoulder, neck, posture exercises

  1. “Tuck your tailbone”
  2. Shoulder External Rotation (Fonzies) with Band
  3. Cervical Retraction Seated
  4. Icing
  5. Pec Release Wall Ball
  6. Upper Trap Release Ball
  7. Shoulder “Push Up Plus” Quadruped
  8. Shoulder Bilateral Pec Stretch (doorway)
  9. Mid-Back (Thoracic) Extension with Foam Roller
  10. Shoulder External Rotation Standing at 90°
  11. Thoracic Release with Foam Roller

Exercises to keep my posture straight and my shoulders and arms strain and pain-free. (link)

⚠️ This is just my own routine collected from my doctor after a shoulder impingement injury. This is not meant for anyone else to follow.

“Tuck your tailbone”

ℹ️ Some exercises such as the doorway pec stretch and the “Fonzies” require you to “tuck your tailbone under” (to avoid injuring your lower back). This made zero else to me at first, but here’s how it works…

  • From a standing position, slightly bend you knees
  • Push your hips forward below your torso, almost like you’re about to go 💩😆 or do a jig.
  • You should feel exertion in your abdomen and maybe chest, but not in your back.

Throughout the day

Shoulder External Rotation (Fonzies) with Band

Good for shoulder impingement or rotator cuff pain/injury. Should feel like you’re trying to tuck your shoulder blades into the opposite pants pocket. 🤷🏻‍♂️

⚠️ tuck your tailbone 👆

Sets: 2 Reps: 10 Hold: 3 sec

Cervical Retraction Seated

To help ease neck, back , shoulder, arm, and hand pain.

Straight back like on a railroad track. You will feel some activation in the front portion of your neck, and you may also feel a little stretch in the back side

👉 It’s helpful to look straight on in the mirror and make suer your mouth does not go up or down as you go back and forth.

10x every 1-2 hours.

New Ones for shoulder holdout pain


Swimmer stretches

From StretchLab.

For shoulder rehab


Remembering icing for about 20 mins (20 seconds on, 20 seconds off) when experiencing pain.

Pec Release Wall Ball

“Take the lacrosse ball and place it right underneath the clavicle or the collarbone and making sure to avoid any breast tissue. You will then face the wall and apply pressure into that lacrosse ball, trying to look for areas that are tender. If you find a tender area, hold on that tenderness until that lessens and then you can either shift your weight a little bit to find another tender area, or you can maneuver the ball by coming off the wall again.”

Be sure to move around a fair amount and maybe take 2 minutes to cover enough territory.

2-3 times a day for 1 min

Upper Trap Release Ball

“When you find an area that is a little tender, you can hold on that area and apply a little more pressure through the lacrosse ball until that tenderness lessens. You can move left and right and up and down on that area trying to work it out.”

2-3 times a day for 1 min

Shoulder “Push Up Plus” Quadruped

Excellent for any athletes looking to increase strength and power through their shoulder as well as those looking to improve their running mechanics and form.

Be sure to push up and pull through the mid back up towards the ceiling. This is the “plus” part.

Keep your spine straight all the way through your skull.

Take it slow. This should feel like a good workout.

Reps: 20 Frequency: 3 times a day

Shoulder Bilateral Pec Stretch (doorway)

Improves posture and neck and arm strain.

Do this 3x, once with your elbows “up” above your shoulders , once “middle”, and once with your elbows “down”.

⚠️ tuck your tailbone 👆

3 times a day Duration: 45 sec

Mid-Back (Thoracic) Extension with Foam Roller

Increase mobility in the middle of the spine to improve posture. In this one, you keep you butt on the ground.

Shoulder External Rotation Standing at 90°

Strengthens rotator cuff. Decreases risk of shoulder pain an injury.

👉 I like this one, but they said I don’t need to do it any more. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Thoracic Release with Foam Roller

In this variation, you get your butt off the ground.

👉Not listed any more.