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The case for creating a merge commit

I’m always interested when someone has a strong opinion on how to merge code. I like this article because the author acknowledges that it’s just a matter of tradeoffs and then makes a case for a merge commit.

πŸ‘‰ The case for creating a merge commit

His basic argument is that a merge commit is the best of both worlds since it “maintains the small changes while allowing for 30,000 feet view of the history” with the --first-parent git log option.


At the end of the day, what matters is to find a workflow that suits your team well and lets you deliver.

He also links to a couple of great articles on using small iterations (Kent Beck’s SB chages and GeePaw Hill’s MMMSS) that I need to blog later!

Software Dev

Automatically resolve Xcode project file conflicts

Xcode project files are complex and not meant to be human-readable, so they can be scary to merge. When there’s a conflict, it’s never fun.

The tool Kintsugi intends to automatically solve these conflicts for you “99.9% of the time.”

πŸ‘‰Automatically merging conflicts in Xcode project files | github

The name Kintsugi (ι‡‘ηΆ™γŽ) is well-chosen, meaning “the art of repairing broken pottery by mending it with gold.” 🀯

Another interesting note: this project relies on a framework called Xcodeproj that lets you create and modify Xcode project files automatically. That sounds likes a better alternative than a homespun shell script. πŸ‘

via iOS Dev Weekly