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Debuggable TestFlight Builds (Without Compromise 🤓)

I’ll chalk this up as the clever idea of the week. This dude figured out how add special debugging capabilities to your production shippable TestFlight build without security compromises or other issues. 🤯

No #ifdef DEBUG here, people.

👉 How to Enable Custom Debugging in Release Builds

I love that he first runs through all the “not-so-good” ideas that he tried before landing on this elegant solution (including hardcoded user id’s, a secret gesture, a secret URL scheme, and a different bills config.)

The anser, in a nutshell is:

Create a special configuration profile using Keychain Access and Apple Configurator 2, and install this on your devices. Detect the presence of this profile to enable your debugging features on that device.

Well played. Via iOS Dev Weekly.

Software Dev


Trying to make a good-looking app but not a designer or want a head start with ready-made UI designs? You can always try an app template. I did this a few years ago with part of one of my apps.

And here’s a modern new collection of iOS app templates written in Swift.

👉 AppDesignKit: Swift coded, ready-to-use, iOS app templates

They seem to be basic UIKit apps, with no SwiftUI support. They is no authentication or backend support. They run on dummy data and free sample pictures. But from a purely UI / design perspective, these templates look they have good potential. They have templates for an e-commerce app, finance, fitness, food, media, reader, social, and travel.

Via iOS Dev Weekly.

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Control Room

Yes, we’re developers, and sometimes we prefer the command line. But simctl is a party cryptic way to control the iOS simulator on your Mac. This guy Paul Hudson has put together a nice Mac UI to tame the simulator.

👉 Control Room on GitHub

Thank you, Paul. 🤟 (And where do these people even find the time? 🤷🏻‍♂️). I love his can-do developer attitude, btw:

simctl is a great tool for controlling the iOS simulator, but I find it a little hard to use. So, I wrote Control Room.

Via iOS Dev Weekly.