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Missed Fortune 🗻

What does it take to pull you into a new podcast? Or a book? Or really anything?

With so many great podcasts out there and already not enough time for them all, the bar can be pretty high for anything new. But the first few lines of the Missed Fortune podcast pulled me in right away.

Did you ever find yourself in one of those situations where if it goes well, there’s a huge reward? But if it goes bad, you look just unforgivably stupid? Like what were you possibly thinking?

I’m in a car with some guys I don’t know on the way to somewhere we’re not supposed to be. And this is one of those situations.

They go on to explain that this is the story of a real-life treasure hunt in the Rocky Mountains with the only clues being a short poem.

I’m already hooked. 😲 Well played, new podcast.


Austin Podcast: ATXplained!

I don’t know how I missed this, but there’s a podcast called ATXplained, dedicated to some very local Austin questions. For example:

  • Why Are There No Billboards On MoPac?
  • What’s The Best Way To Get Into The Chilly Waters Of Barton Springs?
  • Is It Bee Cave Or Bee Caves? And Where Are The Bees?
  • Why Does The Top Of Austin’s Tallest Building Look ‘Unfinished’?
  • How Did Texas Become The Only State With Its Own Toast?
  • Why Are There So Few Homes With Basements Around Austin?
  • Why Are You Not Allowed To Swim In Lady Bird Lake?
  • Why Is MoPac Traffic So Much Worse In The Afternoon Than In The Morning?
  • Why Do Lifeguards At Austin’s City Pools Blow Their Whistles At Break Time Like That?

Check it out! And thanks as always, KUT! 🤟

👉 ATXplained


Under Pressure

The Savvy Psychologist, one of my favorite podcasts, recently posted a great episode on performance anxiety.

👉 Savvy Psychologist: 3 Secrets to Beat Performance Anxiety

As always, she keeps it simple, concise, and practical.

  1. Get excited to create a feeling of opportunity
  2. Use a ritual to ground yourself and help with focus
  3. Practice self-affirmation

As a bonus, I also came across this one in my Medium feed.

👉 6 Science-Backed Strategies to Avoid Choking Under Pressure

I might be imagining this, but I think this one only has five techniques. 🤦🏻‍♂️. And they seem to focus mostly on positive thinking. And they overlap a bit.

  1. Don’t think too hard
  2. Practice under pressure
  3. Pretend like you’ve already won
  4. Tell yourself that you’re in control
  5. Give yourself a pep talk

Kind of a muddled article. If nothing else, it helps me appreciate the Savvy Psychologist!

Software Dev

Top Software Engineering Podcast Episodes for 2018

Out of the hundred of hours I have listened this year, these are my recommendations of the best 10 episodes on 2018.

👉 My top Software Engineering podcast episodes for 2018

I like that this guy put together as list of specific software dev podcasts episodes, not just overall podcasts. They cover everything from hiring to API design to dev ops to data science and “Kubernetes” (?). Working through these will help me broaden my perspective and catch on on some areas I had not been paying much attention to.