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Point West (instrumental demo)

I had been playing around for a while with this bit on my acoustic guitar. It came to me naturally while I was strumming. I liked the way the chords and the timing felt.

The song reminded me of the ocean, so I started calling it “Beyond the Sea”. Then after a stay at Pointe West Resort on Galveston Island, I renamed it to “Pointe West” because the vibe matched. The guitar was probably inspired by Gordon Calcotte’s version of Galveston in the first place.

Erin and I practiced this on drums (Erin) and guitar (me) for a few hours at her house, although I can’t find a recording that session here.

I ended up recording a very Gordon Calcotte, beachy take on the song using GarageBand on my iPad. It’s just the first verse and chorus, and no vocals. But it’s basically how I wanted the song to sound and proof that I could make it happen.