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The weird, scrappy 2021 Olympics

The Tokyo Olympics are kicking off today. 🇯🇵

I remember the Olympics being unambiguously awesome. 🤟

Things are more complicated today. Some Tokyoites are not too happy about hosting the games. Olympics officials are being fired for saying dumb things. There are lingering questions about whether rotating the Olympics is wasteful or whether we should have the Olympics at all.

Still, great athletes will be in Tokyo.

My favorite story is about athletes finding a way to stay in fighting form for an extra year despite the pandemic and wildfires.

From sword fighting in a New York City alley, to wresting with your brother, to swimming in a kiddie pool, this scrappy spirit is what the Olympics are all about.

👉Olympians Had to Train During a Pandemic. These Are Their Weirdest Stories.

All of this is via Apple News and their not-too-newsy daily news podcast.

I kind of like the classic round Olympic stadium in Tokyo. It looks like it’s from 1984.

“You Can’t Think and Hit at the Same Time”

One of those quotes that Yogi Berra did — or maybe didn’t exactly — say.

If you’ve tried to hit a 90 mph pitch (which I did once or twice at a batting cage), you know exactly what he’s talking about. Technically, you can’t even see the ball at that speed. And you can’t remotely think about hitting.

You can’t hit and think and hit at the same time.

Yogi Berra (?)

So very true for baseball so much else.