Favorite Austin Hotel Pools

There’s just something about a hotel pool. 🤩 Here are some wet and sunny spots to enjoy around Austin. This picture is of the Austin Motel pool, but many more are listed in the post.


Cypress Falls Swimming Hole

Another great swimming spot near Wimberly. Perhaps an alternative to the Blue Hole if it’s full or you want to try something new.

Adding to my Texas swimming holes list.



Another one for the ultimate European pool / spa / bath tour. This one is in Vienna, Austria and looks especially glorious. 😊


Blanco State Park

I’m excited about the European pool / spa tour, but you I don’t have to go that far away for a great swimming spot. Right here in Texas we have some more rustic and natural options. I’m officially starting a new series of Texas swimming holes for when summer rolls around again.

To kick things off, Blanco State Park. ☺️


Marshall Street Pool, London

More fodder for the European pool / bath / spa tour. This one another classes London pool.


Stadtbad Neukölln, Berlin

More European pool tour goodness, this one in Berlin. 🥰. I won’t even try to say the name.

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________________________ Stadtbad Neuk​ö​lln | Berlin, Germany | c. 1912 • The Stadtbad Neukölln is a city bath in Berlin, Germany. Designed by architect Heinrich Best and Town Planner Reinhold Kiehl, the Neoclassical-style building is inspired by the thermal baths found in ancient Greece • With the intention to combine physical exercise, personal hygiene, and spiritual edification, Kiehl included a public library and a public pool into the architectural plan of the building. Both were connected by an atrium that housed a fountain created by the prominent German sculptor Richard Guhr • Similar to the ancient Greek temples and basilicas, the design employs a dome with a skylight and a round plunge pool surrounded by columns, walkways, sculptures, and mosaics by Puhl & Wagner – the largest mosaic and stained glass manufacturer in Germany at the time. When it was built, the bath was one of the largest in Europe and hosted up to 10,000 visitors per day • Throughout the 20th century, the space evolved as both a place of relaxation and recreational learning, undergoing significant cycles of renovations, restoration and updates to meet both preservation codes and modern energy standards • Today, the bath is managed by ​Berliner Bäder-Betriebe and hardly differs in appearance from its grand opening in 1914. ​Its s​wimming pool and sauna area are operated separately, and include a Finnish sauna, herbal sauna, a marble steam bath, and a caldarium • Know more? Please comment below! • 📸: @berlinstagram ✍: @kelly.murray 📰: @wikipedia • #AccidentallyWesAnderson​ ​#AccidentalWesAnderson​ ​#Vscotravel​#VscoArchitecture​ ​#Neuk​ö​lln #Visit_berlin #Germany🇩🇪

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