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The Sad Moon Above (barking dog demo)

Here is the official first “demo” cut of The Sad Moon Above.

This song was recorded on Erin’s back porch due to the raging pandemic situation. You can just barely hear the song over the metronome and the neighbor’s barking dog.

Erin and I had worked on this for a few while before this recording. She wrote some lyrics (“It took me five minutes.”), and I put some chords behind it and added a melody (“It took me 5 hours. 🤷🏻‍♂️”).

🎶 Erin wrote the lyrics, and I added, “Your heart breaks, your heart breaks, and so do you…” to the chorus.

Making this song was my first chance to exercise a new-fangled awareness of diatonic chords (here in the key of C). It was super hard, but I was happy with the results, especially the chorus.

🎶 I came up with the music, and Erin pushed the vocals over the top with a few tweaks around the chorus.

Erin was also “instrumental” (so to speak) in making sure we had a nice slow metronome so I couldn’t rush through the song on guitar. ⏱

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